Tarini Stoneworks TM  is a manufacturer of customized interior décor products made from natural stones and semi-precious stones.

Tarini Overseas Pvt. Ltd, registered and headquartered in New Delhi, India is a certified exporter of natural and semi-precious stones. Our manufacturing facility is based in the artisans’ city of Udaipur, India. In early 2018, Tarini Stoneworks launched its operations in UK and USA.

Tarini Stoneworks has a team of highly skilled technicians adept in the latest technologies of the natural and semi-precious stones industry. Our manufacturing process involves high standard materials, tools and techniques that reflect our love for precision and quality work. Our experienced in-house artisans are familiar with the delicate nature of exotic stones and craft products of supreme artistry and intricacies.

Tarini Stoneworks are works of art and beauty that foster a sense of joy and positive aura. We are specialists in creating exotic bathtubs, ornate bathroom and kitchen sinks, accent tables and a wide range of furnitures and fixtures. All these products, made of Tarini Stones, are entirely customizable to suit your style. Our artists design beautiful flooring and inlay table tops that resonate grandeur in the décor.
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