Our unique collection of stones consists of natural quartz, crystal quartz and semi-precious stones that originate from different parts of the world. We source, manufacture and design products made of stones from Our Collection.
Tarini Stoneworks are offer wide range of services.

Supply finished tiles and slabs of various quality.
Specialists in sourcing and creating bathtubs, sinks and countertops.
Design customized furniture and fixtures such as accent tables, cabinets, commodes, so on.
Deliver handcrafted designs for tabletops, flooring, walls and ceiling.

Our made-to-order products are unique and rare in terms of stone origin, structure, design, look and feel.
Tarini Stoneworks serves a clientele that spans across continents. Our work is centered around the demands and desires of our clientele. We are committed to delivering products of high caliber, beauty and class that echoe style and grandeur.

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