Est. 2017

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We make holistic interiors : 100% handcrafted, healing, one-of-a-kind functional art made of exotic semi precious stones.

Tarini Group is a leading supplier of luxury interiors handcrafted from natural semi precious stones. We manufacture artisan made bespoke furnishings, home decor, bath, lighting, tile and slab from exquisite semi precious stones, petrified wood stones and other natural materials.

Launched in the Pacific Northwest, Tarini Stoneworks Inc has a mission to celebrate the finest of craftsmanship and the exquisite beauty of semi precious stone articles. Our hope is to incite the dreams of all design lovers to revel in the creations this synergy brings about.

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Our collection consists of limited edition pieces inspired by the rare stones that find us. Made in the heritage rich heartlands of Rajasthan, every design is crafted to evoke a sense of grandeur while respecting the raw aesthetics of the natural stone.

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Everyday we look forward to making a customer feel special with thoughtful, bespoke pieces and we aspire to delight you with one-of-a-kind pieces!!

Share with us your dream designs & we will work on bringing them to life. To place a custom order, send us your requirements to

If you are a design industry professional or a retailer and would like to collaborate with us, please mail us at for more details.

Redefining decor to thrive in the new age. Rarest of earth’s treasures & the finest of craftmanship converge to create truly one-of-a-kind luxury, sustainable design.

Bringing wellness to decor with sustainable designs

100% handcrafted by expert artisans

Finest Craftsmanship

Healing natural stones of ethereal beauty

Luxe Semiprecious Stones

Infinite selections & endless possibilities

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